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Elk Gauntlet
Elk Gauntlet

Elk Gauntlet

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Soft, but heavy American elk.  Elk has a beautiful grain finish and requires very little maintenance.  Very good abrasion resistance and tolerates moisture well.  The gauntlet extended cuff goes over your jacket for a warmer, more comfortable ride.  All purchases are cut and hand sewn to order.    Please allow two weeks for product to ship!  All leathers come from natural hides which may contain scarring, giving each pair its own character.


Measure around your palm... If you don't have a soft tape measure.. use a string, mark it, lay it flat and measure it. This will give you your general size. If you like more or less room you could go up or down from there.  See illustration by going to top of the website and selecting About :: Sizing.  


4-5oz American elk

Drum dyed in the United States

Made in Bend, OR, USA

Gauntlet extended cuff

Unlined for Spring and Summer riding

Suggested Uses

  • Motorcycle
  • Riding 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Patric Blackman
    Nice Gloves

    Hi, this is my third pair of Sullivan Elk Gauntlet gloves. I wear them for protection wile riding my motorcycle . They break in pretty quickly, and last a long time. you can work the controls , switches , GPS , all that stuff real easy with these gloves on. The first few time you get cough in a hard rain, a little dye comes out of the gloves and gets on your hands , but it is no big deal. I road up from Florida to Michigan a few years ago, I ended up going thru the tail end of a tropical storm. I have been in hard rain before but it was coming down .Anyway , the gloves went From fully wet to dry in a few hours. I hope this is of help .

    Ryan Cantwell
    Elk Gaunlets saved my hands

    Have been using my original pair of elk gauntlet gloves for over 10 years and almost 200,000 miles. Gloves were like butter. Well I was cut off and hit the pavement at 40 mph. I broke some bones and skidded about 30ft. My Gloves stayed intact until I came to a stop. Zero rash on my hands. Gloves wore to the liner but I was fine. First piece of gear I ordered was my replacement set of elk gauntlet Gloves. I would Definitely recommend these gloves.

    Cleveland Play House Costume Shop
    Bought gloves for actor in a show

    Actor actually recommended this company and this glove. LOVES the glove and they are GREAT!!!!