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Our leathers

2-3oz Deer 

Deer skin creates a glove that instantly feels broken in.  Extremely soft but at the same time highly abrasion resistant.  Deer skin handles moisture well and will return to it's original shape without hardening once air dried.  Having a beautiful grain, it makes an excellent dress glove that crosses over well into motorcycling or riding.

4-5oz Elk 

Elk skin has all the properties of deerskin.  Extremely soft but at the same time highly abrasion resistant.  Being thicker than deer, but having the same ability to handle moisture makes elk a fantastic work and chore glove.  Long lasting and low maintenance.  This also makes a great motorcycle glove, but the thicker leather makes it slightly harder to feel the controls.

4-5oz Buffalo 

Buffalo skin makes for a very hard wearing glove.   It's tight grain pattern takes some breaking in as it softens up, but holds up under any task.  Buffalo leather doesn't tend to stretch over time, but molds to your hand as you continue to work it.  Buffalo has a rougher, varying grain pattern to it and is typically used for ranch work, barb wire, and fencing.  Also makes for a rugged motorcycle or dress glove.

2-4oz Goat 

Goat skin is another tight grain leather like buffalo, but without much breaking in becomes close in softness to deer skin.  It's a fantastic all around leather that holds up to almost any task.  The grain finish won't ruin under work and the natural lanolin oils present in the leather provide the best water repellency among other hides.  Goat skin gloves are great work or motorcycle gloves.

3-6oz Cow 

Cow hides are readily available and hold up well to most tasks.  They are generally the stiffest leather and crack when exposed to moisture.  When we use cowhide it's typically for special projects or limited releases with high quality tanneries that will produce an exceptionally made glove.