Selecting the right fit

Please measure around your palm. If you don't have a soft tape measure use a string, mark it, lay it flat and measure it. This will give you your general size. If you like more or less room you could go up or down from where you land (For instance, Sullivan is known for our form fitting gloves, if you measure a 9 you might consider ordering an 8 to allow for a true to size fit that allows for slight stretching over time.) 

Men:                                                  Women:

7 inches - Extra Small (XS)                                                             5 inches - Extra Small (XS)

8 inches - Small (S)                                                                          6 inches - Small (S)

9 inches - Medium (M)                                                                   7 inches - Medium (M)

10 inches - Large (L)                                                                       8 inches - Large (L)

11 inches - Extra Large.                                                                  9 inches - Extra Large (XL)

12 inches - Double Extra Large (XXL)

13 inches - Triple Extra Large (XXXL)

14 inches - Quadrouple Extra Large (XXXXL) available in select style only