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Deerskin Roper
Deerskin Roper
Deerskin Roper
Deerskin Roper

Deerskin Roper

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Soft and lightweight American deerskin.  Deerskin has a beautiful grain finish and requires very little maintenance.  Very good abrasion resistance and tolerates moisture well.  All purchases are cut and hand sewn to order.    Please allow one week for product to ship!  All leathers come from natural hides which may contain scarring, giving each pair its own character.


Please measure around your palm... If you don't have a soft tape measure.. use a string, mark it, lay it flat and measure it. This will give you your general size. If you like more or less room you could go up or down from where you land (For instance, Sullivan is known for our form fitting gloves, if you measure a 9 you might consider ordering an 8 to allow for a true to size fit that allows for stretch over time.)  See illustration.


2.5-3oz American deerskin

Drum dyed in the United States

Made in Bend, OR, USA

Suggested Uses

  • Fashion  
  • Driving
  • Motorcycle
  • Work

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Syem Barakzai
    Great gloves

    Love them!

    russell s
    Great Gloves

    I tried something different and ordered a size small instead of a medium, got them soaking wet, and then moved lumber and did yard work all day. They were tight at first, but stretched out and now fit perfectly. Thin enough that I have good dexterity and finger sensitivity while still protecting from cuts and scraps.

    Steven Hogan
    Well Made

    I ordered unlined gloves for the end of summer and received a pair with a lining. They’re well made, fit and look great, but of no use to me for a few months.


    WOW! I really like my new Deerskin Ropers. Soft and supple, but darned strong. These are lifetime gloves that will only become better with age. I will be buying another set. Buy with confidence! Thanks for the wonderful product (and service)!

    Robin Brown
    Exudes quality

    This is my 3rd pair of Sullivan deerskin gloves, these latest ropers an two pair of their gauntlet gloves. Need I say more? Others may make deerskin gloves and maybe just as well as Sullivan gloves, but once you've hit on a company with a quality product, why go anywhere else if you're looking for deerskin gloves.

    I had the gauntlet gloves soaked while riding the motorcycle in the rain. They dry fairly quickly and the deerskin is as supple as new over the course of being soaked/dried out and soaked again.

    I won't wear anything else but deerskin gloves, thanks to the team at Sullivan for making a great glove.